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Summer Programs 2019

All summer camps and programs run at Milwaukee Lutheran High School are run through the WEPLAYFORHIM REC ASSOCIATION, INC. (WPFH).  WPFH is a non-profit organization. WPFH mission is to provide affordable, competitive, organized youth sports programs in three culturally distinct areas of Milwaukee County. We offer a supportive Christian community that helps youth discover their purpose and their potential through various sports camps, activities, and sports leagues. This taking place at an age 4 -17 years old) when youth need character shaping and guidance the most.  Our goal is to not only teach the basics of sports, but to also teach life skills that our participants will use and carry with them long after they leave our programs.


(You will have to download the “Team App” in order to sign up for Summer Programs. If you would prefer to pay by check please make out check to:)
Send To: Milwaukee Lutheran High School
Attention: Summer Programs

***JR. RED KNIGHT SUMMER CAMP***                       Cost: $100

 This exciting camp offers the camper endless options and opportunities! This camp is the ideal camp for someone looking to fill the entire day with fun filled activities.  The camp combines sports recreation, fine arts, drama, and film and photography, to name a few.  The camper has the luxury of choosing which programs they would like to attend. Are you a sports nut?  You can choose to pick all sports! Are you interested in sports but also like other fun activities?  You can pick a sport and a drama or art class! Not fond of sports?  Chose all non-sport related activities! The options are endless!  Camps will be taught by Milwaukee Lutheran coaches and teachers.  Each day will be broken up into 4 one-hour fifteen-10 minute sessions…with a break for lunch and relaxation. The day will begin at 8:30am and run until 3pm.  Campers are responsible for bringing their own lunch! (We will have a cooler to keep lunches cold) Participants are also responsible for bringing a snack which they can eat during Session 2. All campers will receive a camp T-Shirt that they will be required to wear each day! Participants can do a class for one session only. For example, a participant cannot sign up for basketball in session 1 and 2.

Two Options to Choose From:
Week of June 17th (Monday-Friday)
Week of July 8th (Monday-Friday)
(Camp is for those entering 3rd through 8th grades!)

 Breakdown of a typical day
Arrive between              8:20am -8:30am
Announcements            8:30am-8:40am
Session 1                          8:45am-9:55am
Session 2                         10:00am- 11:20am (time for snack before Session 2)
Lunch                               11:25am-12:05pm
Session 3                         12:10pm-1:20pm
Session 4                          1:25pm-2:35pm
Recap/Dismissal           2:40pm-3:00pm
 Programs include:
-Girls Basketball                                -Volleyball                                           -Football
-Boys Basketball                                -Golf                                                      -Wrestling
-African Dance                                   -Drama                                                 -Soccer
-Digital Photography                        -Film Editing                                      -Photoshop Fun
-Competitive Swimming                  -Martial Arts

(For a short description on each program Click on the Program Guide)

2019 Individual Sports Camps

VOLLEYBALL CAMP – Co-ed                                                                                                Cost: $50 (for the week)/$15 (per day)
This Camp will focus on the fundamental and necessary skills to be successful at the game of volleyball.  Players will work on improving basic skills and learning new techniques.  Participants will work on passing, setting, attacking, serving, digging, blocking as well as team offense and defense.  Camp will be run by Milwaukee Lutheran’s Head Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach Kelsey Barth with help from Milwaukee Lutheran girls’ volleyball players.
Incoming Grades: 5th – 8th
June 24th – June 28th (Monday – Friday)
11:30am – 1:00pm


PRIMARY GRADES BASKETBALL CAMP                                                                           Cost: $25
This 3-day camp will provide a unique experience for primary grade children.  This camp is open to both boys and girls going into 1st through 4th grade.  Emphasis will be placed on skill development as they will be taught the basic skills of basketball.  We will mix in fun games while learning these basic skills! Program will be run by our Athletic Director Jerad Luedtke and Summer Programs Assistant Yamil Tocuyo-Lopez (maximum 30 students)
Incoming Grades: 1st – 4th grades
July 16th-July 18th (Tuesday-Thursday)
5:00pm – 6:30pm
CO-ED BASKETBALL CAMP                                                                                                     Cost: $30
This four-day camp is designed to improve both offense and defensive skills.  Fundamentals will be stressed along with team play. Ball handling, dribbling, shooting form and footwork will be taught and reinforced during fun drills and games.  Camp will be run by Milwaukee Lutheran’s Head Boys Basketball Coach Marcus Jackson with the help of Milwaukee Lutheran boys’ and girls’ basketball players.
Incoming Grades: 5th – 8th
July 15th-July 18th (Monday-Thursday)
1:00pm – 4:00pm
CO-ED SOCCER CAMP                                                                                                              Cost: FREE
The Co-ed Soccer camp will be run in connection with ACE Soccer Club.  The goal of this camp is to provide youth in the community an opportunity to learn the basics of soccer from shooting, passing, 1 vs 1 defense, 1 vs 1 offense and teamwork. The camp is open for beginners to expert. We have one on one coaching available. Ages 6-12 for boys and girls.
Incoming Grades: 1st – 6th
June 24th – June 28th (Monday – Friday)
6:00pm – 8:00pm
CIRCUIT BASEBALL CAMP                                                                                                          Cost: $95
CIRCUIT BASEBALL is a weeklong youth baseball camp for kids ages 6 to 12 held on the campus of Milwaukee Lutheran High School.  Created and developed by Bob Heinkel, CIRCUIT BASEBALL teaches the fundamentals of baseball through a “circuit station training” approach, teaching foundational skills necessary for every aspect of the game.  We provide unmatched facilities and coaching with a Christian, face-paced and fun environment.  The coaching staff fosters a fun, safe, and encouraging setting where kids thrive at any age and skill level. Week camps start June 10th and run through the week of July 15th. Camp was developed and is run by former Varsity Baseball Coach Bob Hinkle.
For more information and to Sign up please visit

2019 Swimming 

SWIMMING LESSONS                                                                                                                  COST: $85/$150 (for both weeks)
The Milwaukee Lutheran swimming program has long had a reputation as one of the finest instructional swimming programs in the area. Because of the small class size, each student receives individual attention. Swimmers are taught by a certified instructor. Please refer to the course descriptions for swimming levels. Minimum 3/Maximum 6 per class. Schedule may be adjusted to fit classes. (Note: Classes are all one week long classes, 45 minutes each class, Monday through Friday.) (Classes times may be adjusted slightly based on numbers!)
Session 1 – JUNE 10th – JUNE 14th (Morning Sessions)
Session 2 – JULY 8th – JULY 12th (Morning Sessions)
Class # Level               Time Slots (may be adjusted based on class size)
1                      1 & 2                  8:00am-8:45am
2                      3 & 4                  8:55am-9:40am
3                      5 & 6                  9:50am-10:35am
 Description of Levels:
Level 1 — Water exploration: At least 5 years old, has never taken swim lessons in the past or is uncomfortable with submerging face.
Level 2 — Primary skills: Comfortable in the water and can float with support
Level 3 — Stroke readiness: Can swim 5 yards front and back.
Level 4— Stroke development: Can swim 10 yards (1 width of pool) of front and back crawl and elementary backstroke.
Level 5 — Stroke refinement: Can swim 25 yards (1 length of pool) of front and back crawl and elementary backstroke, demonstrate knowledge of breaststroke and sidestroke.
Level 6— Skill proficiency: Can swim 50 yards of front and back crawl, elementary backstroke and sidestroke, can swim 4 lengths of the pool and back crawl, 25 yards of breast stroke, sidestroke, approach stroke and 10 yards of butterfly.
You may sign up for more than one week! If you have any questions, please contact Jerad Luedtke

2019 Summer Speed & Strength

SUMMER SPEED AND ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT                               

Cost: $20 for Milwaukee Lutheran High School Athletes
$75 for non-Milwaukee Lutheran Athletes (open to those going into 7th grade and higher)

 Join the Summer Speed and Athletic Development program at Milwaukee Lutheran High School. This program is designed for participants to become better ATHLETES across ALL SPORTS.  The purpose is to increase an athlete’s quickness, strength, coordination, flexibility, jumping and endurance through agility, core and power training.  All Milwaukee Lutheran Athletes are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to sign up for this program.  This program will take place in several places: Milwaukee Lutheran Field House, Weight Room, and outside track.  Please bring necessary clothes and foot attire to each session.  Program is run under the direction of Head Varsity Football Coach Erich Janousky and Head Softball Coach Kyle Barth, as well as, several Varsity coaches. (Please look at the split sessions below to determine what time you should attend).

  • Session 1 – 8:00am – 9:30am
    Varsity Athletes in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Wrestling
  • Session 2 – 9:30am – 11:00am
    This session will include all incoming freshman (8th graders going into High School)
    All Girl Athletes in ALL sports at any level
    All Boy Athletes in Cross Country, Track, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, & Trap Shooting

Dates: June 3rd through July 26th

Monday through Friday (Wednesdays will be an off day)
No Sessions the Week of July 1st (No Sessions 7/1, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5)

 Athletes are encouraged and expected to attend all sessions!
(obvious conflicts such as vacation and sickness are expected)

 *For all Athletes entering 7th through 12th grades*



No Confirmations will be sent.  Children are in program unless notified.

Course Cancellation Policy:

WEPLAYFORHIM REC ASSOCITION, INC. may find it necessary to cancel a specific program.  When cancellation becomes necessary, those enrolled will be notified and a full refund of payments will be made.


  1. If a registered student withdraws from a summer program, any refund due will be based on the date WPFH Rec. receives notice of withdrawal.
  • Two weeks or more before start of program: Full Refund
  • Less than two weeks before the start of a program: 50% Refund
  • Day Program starts or later: No refund
  1. Exceptions to the policy will normally be made only for documented injury or illness that prevents the individual from participating.
  2. Following the start of a program, any refund for injury or illness will be prorated based on the days actually attended plus a $10 administrative fee.
  3. Trips, off-campus camps, and other special programs may have other refund policies included in their descriptive materials.